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The fauna is well listed essentially for the terrestial Vertebrates (529 species). Thus, the largest number of species finds itself with the terrestial Invertebrates (15,293 known species, of which 88% are in the class of Insects!).

It is the mountainous regions of the Rif and Atlas and the coastal plains which are globally the most rich in species, because of the large diversity of the habitats that exist in these zones (forests, steppes, cultures, and humid zones). In the faunistic domain, for what concerns the Vertebrates, the steppic dominates the forest because of the reptiles, the humid zones being mostly important for the rare and endemic species, and also for the Invertebrates.

The sectors most rich in endemic subjects are the macronesian coasts and the oceanic Saharan Morocco for the Mammals; the high mountains (Medium and High Atlas) and the oceanic plains for the Reptiles.

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