Event Workshop on Genetic Resources Oasis

The Faculty of Science and Techniques of Errachidia organized on 29 and 30 May 2015, a workshop under the theme "Genetic resources oasis: the role and challenges for research and development." This event is part of the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing arising from the utilization of genetic resources and to value recheches work to contribute to development.

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Period [29/05/2015 - 30/05/2015]
Event location Errachidia, PB 509, Boutalamine, Errachidia, Maroc,
Host The Faculty of Science and Techniques of Errachidia
Contact person Pr.Alem Chakib
Email address: alemchakib5@gmail.com
Phone: +212661696935
Geographical coverage Maroc
Keywords Workshop, Genetic Ressources, Nagoya Protocol, Research and developpment

1. Background of the workshop:

Moroccan oasis regions are full mutations in marginal areas they occupy becoming more and more important for the production of wealth at the national level. If biodiversity and genetic resources in the agro-oasis system and its complementarity with surrounding natural areas have allowed its persistence and its viability, the demands of modern restructuring required the establishment of platform of developers, scientists, makers NGOs for consultations, exchange of experiences, expertise for the successful development of chalenge.

This workshop is based on the Nagoya Protocol on ABS (Access and Benefit Sharing) including the GIZ Program cooperation on "Climate Change Adaptation, enhancement of biodiversity and implementation of Nagoya Protocol (ACCN)" which regulates trade in genetic resources and the sharing of benefits arising from their utilization between suppliers and users, providing a framework for research and development (R & D) on genetic resources. This protocol aims to better exploit the results of research to contribute to development.

2. General objective of the workshop:

Contribute through a collective reflection between researchers, local communities, governments and businesses to identify key strategic directions to boost research to a better understanding and development of GR oasis areas in the process of access and benefit sharing (ABS) in the light of new data and development requirements.

3. Specific objectives of the workshop:

  1. Upgrading the inventory and knowledge about the current state of specific genetic resources oasis regions.
  2. Diagnose:
  • the contribution of RG in the creation of wealth and level of development;
  • Ways of improving the productivity of oasis RG and their competitiveness;
  • Means for the Protection of the RG that are weakened by the demands of globalization and climate change.
  1. Awareness of the concept of safeguarding the heritage oasis which includes: genetic resources, cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, natural space.

4. Program:

First Day

  • 8h30-9h00: Reception and registration of participants.
  • 9H00-10H: Opening statements: Word of the Governor of the province Errachidia, word from the President of the IMU, word from the Dean of the FSTE, word from the director of the ORMVAT, word from the director of the ORMVO, word from representative of the French Ministry for the Environment.
  • 10H30-10 H40: Forgot the ANDZOA.
  • 10H40-10H50: Password INRA.
  • 10H50-11H: Password regional delegations of HCEFLCD "Errachidia, Midelt, Tinerhir and Ourzazat).
  • 11H 11H-10: Word of center representative Tarik Ibn Ziyad.
  • 11H10-11H 40: Password ICARDA International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).
  • 11H40-11H50: Password GIZ.
  • 11H50-12H: Password CNRST.
  • 12:10-12H: Word of POT (Tafilalet Oasis Programme).
  • 12H10-12H20: Forgot the Internationnal For EcologicalResearche Foundation.
  • 12H 20 24:40: Closing FIMADAT (Interprofessional Federation of date producers).
  • 12H40- 12:50: The password ANOC "National Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders'.
  • 15H: Launch of the workshops:

Workshop 1: Session Agro plant resources
Workshop 2: Session Agro Animal Resources
Workshop 3: Session natural areas and routes
Workshop 4: Session Product Terroir and Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

  • 17H30: Continuation of workshops

Second day

  • 9H-10H: Refunds of workshops' report by the session rapporteurs.
  • 10H 30-13H: Discussion, Recommendations and fence.