Event International Symposium on the theme Plant Kingdom: Source of drugs, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammed V in Rabat organized an International Symposium on the theme Plant Kingdom : Source of drugs, nutraceuticals and cosmetics in partnership with The IOCD "International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development", to be held in Marrakech, Morocco , from 7 to 10 April 2015.

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Period [07/04/2015 - 10/04/2015]
Event location Marrakech, Morocco
Host Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammed V in Rabat
Contact person Zoubida Charrouf
Email address: iocdmaroc2015@gmail.com
Phone: +212537 775380/+212662011211
Geographical coverage Morocco
Keywords International Symposium ,IOCD, Plant Kingdom

1. How to register for the Symposium:

Registration will be online on the website of the Symposium. The payment will be by bank transfer.


2. Program :

The symposium will present 18 plenary lectures by researchers from Africa, Asia, Europe and Morocco. The opening lecture will be given by Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn of Thailand : Natural Product Drug Research: Bioactive Compounds from Thai Bioresource.

  • Prof. Kurt Hostettmann, Suisse : Plants against Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.
  • Prof. Jacob Midiwo, Kenya : Natural Products Research for drug prototypes against tropical diseases from African medicinal plants.
  • Prof. Ahmed Adlouni, Maroc: Biological and Pharmacological Effects of Argan oil: Evidence based data.
  • Prof. Sami Khalid, Soudan : Development of a microtiter plate-based method for determination of the MIC of antimyctomal agents Against Madurella mycetomatis as One of The Most neglected tropical disease.
  •  Prof. Mohamed Hmamouchi, Maroc : Chemical and Biologically active compounds from Moroccan plants.
  • Prof. Matthias Hamburger, Suisse : Library-based discovery of bioactive natural products - from screening to medicinal chemistry and in vivo assessment.
  • Prof. Jean-Luc Wolfender, Suisse : Latest technological advances in Pharmacognosy: evolution or revolution?
  •  Prof. Ren Xiang Tan, Chine : Biosynthetic machinery based diversification of fungal metabolites.
  •  Prof. Fatima Afifi, Jordanie  : In vitro assessment of selected medicinal plants from Jordan with Antidiabetic Claimed / antiobesity properties.
  •  Dr. David Bruno, France : Pharmaceutical Industry & Natural Product Screening.
  •  Michael Gajo (GIZ, Maroc)  : Role of R & D in Implementing the Nagoya Protocol in Morocco.
  •  Mr. Suhel Al Janabi, Allemagne : Challenges and opportunities of the Nagoya Protocol in cosmetic and health.
  •  Prof. Gerard Bodeker, Royaumes Unis : Traditional knowledge and intellectual property rights.
  •  Prof. Zoubida Charrouf, Maroc : Argan tree, the 35-years-of-research product.
  •  Prof. Quinton Johnson, Sud Afrique (In progress).
  •  Prof. Saaid Amzazi, Maroc (In progress).
  •  Prof. Hafidi Brahim, Maroc (In progress).

Plenary lectures will be followed by oral presentations and poster sessions. Two side events and workshops are also planned as well as an evening Gala and Networking Lunch.