HTML Document First educational module for children and teachers on biodiversity and agriculture

This web portal explores the many different parts of nature that make biodiversity and agriculture possible. It is divided into six sections:
  1. What is Biodiversity ?
  2. What does biodiversity have to do with the food we eat?
  3. How do farmers grow food?
  4. Can farming affect biodiversity?
  5. What can you do by taking action
  6. What is the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)?
Date de publication 10/04/2008
Couverture géographique Mondiale
Mots-clefs Biodiversité, Education, Agriculture

Teaching students about biodiversity, or the variety of life on Earth, is a daunting yet exciting task. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) wants to support teachers in guiding students through a fascinating and exciting exploration of biodiversity issues.

The CBD is pleased to announce the launching of its first educational module for children and teachers on biodiversity and agriculture – the 2008 theme for the International Day for Biological Diversity. The module comprises of an online educational web portal for primary school students and five accompanying lesson plans for educators.  The module has been designed to engage students in a variety of fun and active exercises reflecting the principles of education for sustainable development.  The children’s web portal can be viewed at Educators can download the children’s web portal in booklet format and the lesson plans at

The web portal and lesson plans introduce, at an age-appropriate level, the concept of biological diversity and highlight the importance of sustainable agriculture not only to preserve biodiversity, but also to ensure that we will be able to feed the world, maintain agricultural livelihoods, and enhance human well being into the 21st century and beyond.  At the same time, it encourages students to explore the importance of maintaining the world's biological diversity, upon which future agricultural production and cultural diversity are so dependant.