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Natural resources available to Morocco are of great quality, but remain fragile and mostly inadequately protected. The conservation of natural environments has become crucially important.

From 1942 to 1991, Morocco has witnessed the creation of four national parks namely Toubkal (1942), Tazekka (1950), Souss Massa (1991) and Iriki (1994).

The master plan of protected areas, developed in 1996, had identified 154 sites of interest Biological and Ecological (SIBE), representing almost all the natural ecosystems of the country, offering the rank for national parks a dozen of them .

The implementation of that plan has helped strengthen the national network of protected areas through the creation in 2004 of four other national parks namely: AI Hoceima (AI Hoceima Province), Talassemtane (Chefchaouen Province), Ifrane (Province of Ifrane), High Atlas Oriental (provinces Errachidia and Khénifra).

The National Park Khnifiss, whose establishment has intervened in 2006, is the first national park Saharan of the Kingdom. In April 2008, the HCEFLCD has made the creation of the National Park Khénifra a total area of about 750,000 ha. He just increase the number of national parks, officially established under the National Parks Act in 1934, ten (10) parks.

In addition to this network of national parks, Morocco has three Biosphere Reserves, which are promoting solutions reconciling the conservation of biodiversity and its sustainable use. They are:

- The Biosphere Reserve of Arganeraie (RBA), with an area of 2.5 million hectares in the South-West, declared in December 1998;

- The Biosphere Reserve of the Oasis of southern Morocco (RBOSM), declared in 2000, at the oasis of southern Morocco, over an area of approximately 7,200,000 hectares;

- The Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean (RBIM), extending over an area of almost 1,000,000 ha, divided almost equally between both Moroccan and Spanish banks. The part under the Morocco is located at the Tingitane peninsula (Province of Chefchaouen, Tetouan, fnideq, FahsAnjra and Larache);

- A fourth Biosphere Reserve known as Biosphere Reserve of the Cédraie is envisaged in the Middle Atlas. It will include three national parks in Ifrane, the High Atlas Oriental and Khénifra once established on an area of about 500,000 ha and will declare the ecosystem "Cédraie of the Atlas" World Heritage.

The protected areas in Morocco are managed by the  Haut Commissariat aux Eaux Forêts et à la Lutte contre la Désertification.

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