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The biosphere reserve of the argan tree (RBA) is the first biosphere reserve opened for signature in Morocco, Mediterranean countries whose natural resources are of most originality. This reserve is designed around an endemic tree species of Morocco namely the argan tree (Argania spinosa). Indeed, the argan has a great biogeographical value, being the main feature of the Moroccan macoronésien sector. The forest formations based Argan are located in the South West region of Morocco. These argan-based training is extremely suitable for sécheresseet latitudinally very involved in forming the last bulwark against the face in the Sahara. Thus, the argan forest provides a shield against direct desertification. The argan forest provides functions and multiple uses for people whose socio-economic activities are strongly linked to various products that provide the argan tree. Consequently, the argan offers multiple economic opportunities through the various emerging sectors (argan oil, ecotourism, local products ......) likely to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of the South West region Morocco, one of the most dynamic regions of Morocco.

- Location:
This is an isosceles triangle whose base is constituted by the attlantique coastline with the city of Agadir in the middle, and very committed to the east summit. The outer boundary of pushing extreme points: - NW 20 min = 31 ° N latitude - SW = 29 ° N latitude 15 mn - to W = 10 ° 25 min Logitude W - E = 8 # 10 minutes W. longitude

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