Folder Talassemtane National Park

Extending on 60,000 ha the park covers the calcarious easternmost mountain range of the Rif which runs from Ceuta to Assifane. This area offers visitors natural wonders among the most beautiful in the Kingdom; where the stone and the tree, the rock and the forest, vast vistas and deeply carved gorges come together to create a unique landscape.

The park harbors the only Moroccan fir, Abies marocana, the last remnant of an ecosystem unique in the world, found in great danger today. Also in the park, one finds more than 239 plants species, a large number of which are endemic or relic such as the Atlas cedar and black pine.

The park provides refuge to more than 37 species of mammals, the best known being the Barbary macaque which finds shelter in the caves of the region. More than 117 species of birds have been recorded in the park, the most spectacular being the lammergeyer and the golden eagle.