Folder Khenifra National Park

Located between the provinces of Khenifra and Ifrane, the Khenifra National Park is the most recent in Morocco. His creation, performed in 2008, came to meet the economic and environmental importance of the Middle Atlas region and to the urgency of threats to its natural resources.

Although that region is already home to two national parks, namely the PN and PN Ifrane High Atlas Oriental, as well as over 16 SIBE, it was necessary to support the protection provided by these existing sites the creation of a protected area of large area encompassing both the Ifrane National Park and a large part of the High Atlas Oriental National Park and the surrounding ecosystems.

This National Park is characterized by several features, namely its fundamental ecological role for much of the country, being a main water tower, the presence of globally important ecosystems, including céderaie Atlas and The presence of a species of the Mediterranean type symbol (cedar).

The Khénifra National Park is home to a varied vegetation this is mainly the largest cedar forest in Morocco with oak formations, benzene oak and Aleppo pine. These forest formations often on terrain alternate with open spaces assylvatiques and wet meadows which are genuine lawns in spring. These stretches are dotted with clumps of juniper oxycèdre or Cade, hawthorn, and other shrubs. Moreover, cedar and oak remain the most dominant vegetation (90% for and 60% for Ifrane khénifra).

The territory of this protected area harbors a rich wildlife of the most remarkable and represents a potential quite outstanding, due to the availability of food, water and proximity favorable habitats; and must be considered one of the strengths master of this area.

This wealth is reflected by the presence of species and endangered mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians such as the leopard, striped hyena, golden eagles, monkeys etc. The area also houses several towns including wild boar, partridge gambra, thrush, hare, fox, jackal, hyena, nocturnal raptors and diurnal, sparrows, ducks and waterfowl, pigeons, the turtle.