HTML Document National Action Plan to combat desertification

L’option retenue par le PAN–LCD est de privilégier les mesures susceptibles de compléter les programmes sectoriels existants, de catalyser leur mise en œuvre et de promouvoir une véritable dynamique de développement rural et lutte contre la pauvreté basée sur l’intégration, la territorialisation, le partenariat et l’approche participative permettant l'atténuation des effets de la sécheresse et la protection des ressources naturelles.

Release date 15/11/2006
Geographical coverage Morocco
Keywords programme, désertification, Plan d'action

The National Action Plan to combat desertification and drought effects (henceforth the NAP) is the outcome of a long process followed through by all the stakeholders. The concepts of concertation and participation were fully put into practice through organizing meetings, workshops and seminars and also through field visits. In addition, consultations initiated with the interested local populations allowed us to have a better grasp of their perceptions of land
degradation, their expectations as well as the core actions they deem fit to be undertaken. From a conceptual perspective, the NAP provides both a general guidance framework and ways to schedule actions, as it is not the only ongoing planning framework existing in Morocco.

The NAP fits within a broader scope integrating all activities and initiatives aiming to achieve the goal of sustainable development.These frameworks do actually overlap and do have common relations requiring further coherence and harmony in order to reach the expected synergy and complementarity, badly needed, and hence create the appropriate conditions conducive to attain the goal of sustainable development in Morocco.