News Forest ecosystem: a new strategy

The Ministry of Agriculture has issued a call for tenders to carry out a study that deals with the development of a forestry strategy. This study should lead to the realization of a roadmap and an action plan for the sector.

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Release date 29/08/2017
Geographical coverage Morocco
Keywords Ecosystem, Forests, Strategy

This is good news for the community of lovers of biodiversity in Morocco. We still have to wait for the appeal of the offer launched by the Ministry of Agriculture. The latter has decided to have a master plan and a roadmap to take advantage of the many benefits of the forest ecosystem in Morocco. This market, a "study for the elaboration of a forest development strategy in Morocco 2018-2025", should also follow the profound change that the development of this sector in other countries.

In any case, it is only at the preliminary stage of this process, but the formulation of a new strategy for the development of the forest ecosystem will have to provide this sector with a global development 'evolution. In order to maximize its potential and face the multiple obstacles to its development, this strategy must also take into account the specificities of the sector.

In addition to carrying out a study for the development and definition of a strategy for forest development in Morocco (2018-2025), the call for tenders also aims to define the programs for its implementation . Clearly defined, the objectives of this study, as specified in the special requirements, include the diagnosis of the forest ecosystem, the establishment of a strategic vision for 2025, with missions at territorial level and And the establishment of a road map that will be transformed into an action plan.

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