News A law for the protection of plants and animals threatened with extinction.

The Government continues to review the draft decree 2.12.484 number, which is the application of the law 29.05 on the protection of plants and wildlife are threatened and traffic control. The project is presented by the High Commission for Water and Forests and the Fight against Desertification in 2014 to protect the different species of animals and plants and prevent their loss because of the strong pressure on ecosystems because of human grazing activities, forestry and plant irrationally causing their extinction.   

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Release date 16/04/2015
Geographical coverage Morocco
Keywords Law, Protection, Plants, Animals, Extinguishing threats

The bill draft decree determined the conditions of use of animal and plant species, their reproduction and population as well as requirements to bring samples of plant and animal species or resettlement. The draft decree has a number of legal requirements in relation to the control of the trafficking of wild plant and animal species at the national level including obtaining a certificate of title to the relevant departments for this purpose including high Commissioner of Water and Forests and the Fight against Desertification, after the filing of the case and obtaining a sample of a lawful manner, and prove the owner's ability to keep the animals and végateaux in conditions of suitable life. 

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