National Biodiversity Study


Morocco carried out a National Biodiversity Study in 1998, which consisted in collecting and analyzing all available data on biodiversity, establishing inventories of the different categories of elements of national biodiversity, identifying threatened species as well as types and degrees of threats, assess the socio-economic benefits of biodiversity and analysis of legislation and institutions.

This study highlighted the threats weighing on many species including 1,617 plant species and 610 animal species including 86 marine forms, 98 species of birds and 18 mammals. 7,000 plant species have been identified there, and more than 24,533 animal species. Among these are no less than 15,293 terrestrial invertebrates, 92 mammals, 344 birds and more than 7,136 species of marine animals. The continental aquatic fauna is currently represented by more than 1575 different forms.

Below you will find all the reports of the study.

A second national assessment of biodiversity and services is being prepared. It will make it possible to update the data from the first study.

National Biodiversity study by taxonomic group