Key steps towards implementation

Morocco signed the Nagoya Protocol on 9 December 2011 and it was published in Official Bulletin No. 6166 on 4 July 2013. The said Protocol was ratified by Morocco on 24 February 2022 and entered into force at of the Kingdom on 21 July 2022. In order to successfully implement the Nagoya Protocol at the national level, Morocco has developed and implemented several mechanisms provided for under the Protocol, in particular:

  • Designation of a national correspondent for the protocol;
  • Provision of information to the ABS Clearing-House (ABSCH) on legislative, administrative and policy measures on access and benefit-sharing arising from the utilization of genetic resources;
  • Capacity building to support the fundamentals of implementation;
  • Training and sensitization of stakeholders to the Nagoya Protocol (ministerial departments involved, local communities, lawyers, researchers, private sector, civil society, etc.);
  • The development of a bill on ABS in application of the Nagoya Protocol.