About this website

Pursuant to paragraph 3 of article 18 of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Morocco has undertaken the establishment of its clearing house (CHM) on biodiversity through the Internet at national, regional and internationally and with the financial support of the GEF / UNEP and Cooperation Belge (IRScNB).

The objective of CHM is multiple, namely, to know and disseminate the progress of the implementation of the CBD, but in addition, the CHM is a site of convergence, a meeting which should facilitate communication, cooperation and collaboration between the scientific community, government departments, NGOs, professional groups and on the national and international levels.

The CHM is designed to be a national showcase, which underlines as much wealth as effeorts deployed in the field of biodiversity and the state of the implementation of the CBD. Considerable work is being provided by different departments and independent experts who have developed comprehensive studies at the national level on biodiversity deemeurent often inaccessible for many reasons bluntness should capitalize and to facilitate access through the CHM.

The advantages of the CHM are:

  • Providing data to facilitate decision-making.
  • To promote faster access to existing knowledge.
  • Encourage communication, technical cooperation and Scinetific and information exchange.
  • To collect new information on biodiversity.
  • Contributing to a more effective implementation of the CBD.