Sixth National Biodiversity Report

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National Report

The Kingdom of Morocco has a National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (SPANB - 2016-2020). The 159 actions recommended in the NBSAP are grouped into 26 national objectives and 6 Strategic Axes which reflect the Aichi Targets.

Out of the 26 National Operational Objectives defined in the 2016-2020 NBSAP, only three (3) do not show any significant evolution (11.53%) and almost half (46.15%) are on track to achieve the objective set. in 2016. In addition, eleven (11) objectives (ie 42.32%) show proven progress, despite a delay in relation to the objectives set.

Analysis of the results therefore shows that the Kingdom of Morocco is making significant efforts to achieve the objectives it set itself in its 2016-2020 NBSAP.

Concerning the evaluation of the measures (159 actions) recommended in the NBSAP; Thirty-seven (37) recommended actions are considered to be effective (i.e. approximately 23%) and ninety (92) are considered to be partially effective (i.e. 58%). Conversely, only 5% of the measures implemented since 2016 were assessed as ineffective (8/159). Finally, it should be noted that nearly 14% (22/159) of the measures could not be correctly assessed or have not been initiated to date.

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15 February 2019
Aichi targets
17.1. Submission of NBSAPs to Secretariat by (end of) 2015