Closing meeting of the project “Strengthening the action strategy of the ICCA Consortium in Morocco”.



The Association of Life and Earth Sciences (AESVT-MAROC) is organizing a closing event for the project “Strengthening the action strategy of the Consortium of Indigenous and Community Heritage Areas and Territories (ICCA) in Morocco » and initiates a Hackathon dedicated to Moroccan Women's Green Initiatives on December 29 and 30, 2023 in Tetouan.

This approach is part of a desire to respond to environmental challenges while promoting the crucial role of rural women, often guardians of the land and heads of families, in the development of green initiatives.

The meeting program is structured around a capitalization day, making it possible to take stock of the two years of the project, identify challenges and successes, and identify perspectives. The second day focuses on the discovery of potential marine APACs and the presentation of prizes to the winners of the Hackathon, thus sealing the commitment to the green economy and the empowerment of rural women in Morocco.

Aichi targets
11. Protected areas increased and improved
14.2. Taking into account the needs of women, indigenous and local communities, and the poor and vulnerable
Affiche de l'événement
29 - 30 December 2023